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Pizza Group USA PM80 Spiral Mixer - Dough Capacity 80 kg

Pizza Group USA PM80 Spiral Mixer - Dough Capacity 80 kg

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Automatic spiral mixer, with fixed bowl, is designed for the US market for mixing doughs made with a high gluten content or with a low percentage of liquid. Every part of the machine is reinforced, both in terms of its structure and its parts. It features 2 motors, a special drive to reduce stress and a large spiral, with possibility of installing larger motors in some models.

Pizza Group 80 Kg Dough Capacity Automatic Spiral Mixers with Fixed Bowl - PM80


  • Two motors
  • Extra pulley drive
  • Bigger spiral
  • Reversing direction of rotation bowl
  • Two electronic timers
  • 176.3 lb (80 kg) dough capacity
  • 110.2 lb (50 kg) flour capacity
  • 142 l bowl capacity
  • Dimension: 46.4"W x 28.7"L x 55.5"H

Optional Features

  • Round central bar
  • Bowl scraper
  • Special tools
  • Bowl drain plug
  • Bottom anti rat protection

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